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Shine for your headshot!

“I love having my headshot taken”, with a bit of planning and a few tips, this will be your reaction! Whether you need a headshot for your Linkedin profile, business website or a new board position, taking a mindful approach and a bit of preparation will help. You’ll feel great to bring out the best in your professional images.

• Determine what you want your headshot to “say” about you and share it with your photographer, so she can create your best look.
• Be sure you’ve hydrated and moisturized well for 3 – 5 days prior to your headshot, your skin and eyes will appear bright and smooth.
• Avoid new hairstyles, do have a professional cut at least a week before your session. Men be sure you are clean shaven or have trimmed facial hair.
• Stay away from alcohol, greasy and salty foods the night before, your complexion and mood will be much more clear.
• Get plenty of sleep the night before.
• Wear natural looking makeup that emphasizes your best features
• If you wear jewelry, choose something simple that will convey your style.
• Wear strong, simple, solid color clothes that match your style.
• Wear clothing to compliment your skin tone and eyes, generally if your skin has cool undertones, blues, greys and jewel tones look best, warm undertones are enhanced with earthy greens and browns. Bring a few options if you are unsure.

Relax, enjoy yourself and remember that our best shines through when we are “in the moment” being ourselves. You got this!

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