Gratitude and Freedom

IMG_1303Independence and Gratitude

As we approach a long weekend celebrating Independence Day, this year I am especially grateful. For many years I have had a gratitude practice. In fact many of my darkest days have been completely transformed because of gratitude. This Independence Day weekend I am especially grateful. Although it may sound or seem trite to be thankful for the freedoms we enjoy each day, I am.

There is not much media coverage about the more than 13,500 United States military personal deployed currently in combat zones around the world. We, in the land of the free, sleep peacefully at night because rough and rugged men stand guard, ready to defend our ways of life. Soldiers, Marines and Sailors have answered the call to defend and protect. Each is loved by his or her family, who also sacrifice in our own individual ways.

On my desk is an American flag, worn in his combat armor. I see it every time I sit down at my computer. It is a reminder to be grateful today and every day, really every moment for the rough and rugged men and those who love them.

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