Happy Father’s Day, a Day for Joy!

Ice Cream with My Dad!

Ice Cream with My Dad!

Last week I visited my dad in Chicago and I realized all over again how much I appreciate him and all he has done for me throughout my life. I could talk about his many fine qualities and character, however that would be a book, maybe even an encyclopedia. This Father’s Day I celebrate his joy for life, family and friends.

Anyone who knows my dad, really anyone who has ever met my dad, realizes that his joy for life is contagious. Whenever we get together or talk on the phone, he’ll tell me about something he has done or someone he has met, who is “such a nice person”. I’ve often reflected back to him, “Dad it’s because you are a nice person and that’s what you see in others, so it’s who they are around you.” One of his many gifts is to bring out the best in others.

Thank you Dad for seeing the best in me; teaching me to see the best in others; and living your life as a delicious joyful adventure. Have the best day ever.



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