Hoeven Games Giving Back

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Hoeven Games 2016

Hoeven Games 2016

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Hoeven Games  Julie Ulstrup Photography Summer Joy

Hoeven Games
Julie Ulstrup Photography
Summer Joy

There are so many reasons to find joy in my life, my art and in my work as a portrait and wedding photographer. Today was a great example of when all three came together as I photographed the family and friends of the Hoeven family in their annual fundraiser to support students in the College of Business at Colorado State University.

Three generations of family and friends gathered at Collindale Golf Course in a joyful celebration of life, education and giving back to our community. As I took my post on the eighth tee, where participants would spin the wheel to sing Elvis songs, hula hoop, or build a team pyramid, I realized this was a special event. I met new friends and others I have known for years, getting to know people in a special and generous way.

Thank you all for the opportunity to be a part of the Hoeven games. I wish you a summer full of joy and hope that these images willIMG_2423 IMG_2418 IMG_2420 IMG_2437 copy IMG_2443 copy IMG_2447 copy IMG_2415 copy IMG_2453 copy IMG_2435 copy IMG_2451 copy IMG_2449 copy IMG_2415 IMG_2413 IMG_2418 copy IMG_2427 copy IMG_2432jpg IMG_2409

Hoeven Games 2016

Hoeven Games 2016

bring you memories of a gorgeous day, with fabulous people for a worthy cause.

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