Location, Location, Location

DSC_4234Photography has always been a huge part of my life, so it is EXTREMELY important to have the right photographer and the right location for our engagement portraits. The right photographer was easy for me. My dear friend and mentor Gwen Mayfield joyfully agreed to photograph Mark and I for our engagement.

Choosing a location would also be easy, so I thought. But it turned out to be more of a challenge. I wanted to find a place that would represent us, as well as the time and place of our engagement. We love spending time together outdoors and of course Fort Collins has so many beautiful locations for our engagement session. But what would be the exact perfect spot?

Since we got engaged in spring, I wanted blooming, blossoming flowers with beautiful color. My search began by riding the tandem around town on the bike trails. Starting at Spring Canyon Park, I thought would be a fabulous location, but no flowering trees. As we travelled north then east through town, I started to think we’d need to have our engagement session in someone’s yard. Alas we came along Spring Park, near the fire station, just east of College Ave and a bit north of Whole Foods – beautiful and our perfect location. . . just needed to keep my eyes and heart open.


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