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brendon-talking-with-vet2927For those of you who know me, gratitude is the way I choose to live my life and when I learn about others who are making a difference in our community, I love to celebrate them! Brendan Kelley is a young man who made a decision to make a difference then went into action.
Last year he and his family were serving Christmas Eve dinner at Catholic Charities and realized there was a need to serve the veterans who live there. He worked with the organization, deciding to make his Eagle Scout project a pergola where veterans can gather instead of a bunch of chairs in the corner of the parking lot.
Brendan had no idea the cost or time commitment, but that did not stop his determination to give back to those who have given to our country. He contacted the local Elks chapter who provided funding for the project. Larry King, the Ft Collins Elks Exalted Ruler, had been trying to find a project to support. Brendan also spoke with his football coach Marty McVicker, who is also a contractor to get the construction support and his Poudre High School Football teammates to help with the build.
After nearly eleven months of planning, purchasing and building the pergola, it was dedicated on Veteran’s Day 2016. In addition to Brendan’s parents, teammates and scoutmaster, a group of veterans celebrated Brendon as the pergola was dedicated.
Brendon has been chosen as the Eagle Scout of the month by the Long’s Peak Council, who represent all of Northern Colorado.
Fort Collins is an amazing community of individuals who make a difference for others every day. Thank you to everyone for coming together and making our community better each day.

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