Be Mine – LOVE is in the Air!

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Be Mine, LOVE is in the Air!

It’s the time of year when our attention is turned towards our sweetheart and love that seems to warm up our frosty winter temperatures. Yesterday I had the beautiful opportunity to talk with three different women entrepreneurs about LOVE in a different way, in a way that we might all celebrate in the larger community.

Each of the conversations we discussed shining in our own light, loving ourselves and others and making meaningful contributions in our community – a community that if we choose includes the entire world. Leslie has huge dreams for our planet to transform the way we think about one another. Whether we disagree politically, or are even at war with each other, we can learn to hold a space of LOVE, compassion and understanding.

Christie is passionate about giving back to our community. She stopped by my studio to pick up a donation and we talked about supporting those in our community who need a hand up. Northern Colorado has so much to offer and we LOVE giving to our community as a way of showing gratitude for all our community has shared with us.

Alana discussed being, living and expanding our light every day in everything we do. While there is a lot of negativity in the world, if we can do and be our best selves each moment of each day (at least holding our intention in that place) we will be better, our community will be better and our world will be better.

This year as Valentine’s Day draws near and we celebrate with the people most dear to us, let’s also celebrate our own beautiful shine, our wonderful community and the entire planet. Happy Valentine’s Day

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