Mother of the Bride Being Present

As a wedding and portrait photographer you might think that I would have hundreds of pictures from my daughter’s wedding last weekend. I do not. Yes, my camera was with me and I did take a few pictures. But I made a decision to be fully present throughout the day and throughout the weekend, which, for me meant letting my camera stay in my equipment bag that weekend.

So many times I have photographed a wedding where guests are taking pictures with their phones, their iPads or even expensive pro series cameras. While Glen and Jeremy were planning their wedding, she told me a bit sheepishly that they had hired another professional to photograph their wedding. “Good,” I replied “I want to be with you not working to capture all of the magic of your wedding.” It was such a gift.

I understand wanting to have photographs instantaneously, it is the culture in which we live. I even heard last weekend, “If you don’t have pictures, it didn’t really happen” We have lots of fun photographing ourselves with our family and friends, immediately posting to social media and sending to family far away. It was a challenge for me to NOT take photographs the entire ceremony, what if the photographer doesn’t get _________?!!!

As my daughter walked down the aisle, this confident, graceful young woman started to tear up when she looked into her soon to be husband’s eyes; their best man, my new grandson, covered his eyes when the pastor announced “you may now kiss the bride”, and the gentle breeze brought a laugh to us all when the candles flickered. All of these precious moments and many more will live in my heart, because  my daughter and I made a conscious decision to be present during their wedding. Such a treasured gift!


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