Thankful Thursday – Join me on a Gratitude Journey

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A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue, but the parent of all other virtues.” – Cicero. I agree with the Roman philosopher. Gratitude brings more light, more love, more grace into our lives.  Every Thursday for the last several years I set my icalendar to remind me to be grateful for three things in my life.

Although I didn’t set out with any intention for amazingness to expand in my life, that is exactly what has happened. The more I am grateful, the more I have to be grateful for.

In this moment, I am especially grateful for my new website design. After months and months of work with Mona and Laurie at Blue Skies Marketing my website is new and improved and beautiful! Thank you so much.

Each Thursday I will be sharing thoughts about gratitude and invite you to join me on a gratitude journey. Let me know what ignites! With so much Joy and Gratitude

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