What’s Your WOW!?

Senior High School portrait season is here and it is starting off beautifully ~ one of the many gifts of being a wedding and portrait photographer, is to be a part of milestone moments for people. I love to capture those special times in life.




The other day I met with Felicia, her mom and beloved dog, Dixie. I’ve known Felicia for several years as she becomes a graceful, confident young woman. During her senior portrait session her WOW really shined. We talked about her future plans as she dipped her toes in the river, her blue eyes sparkling. She was full of joy with her beloved dog and proud to model her letter jacket she’d earned for golf and academics.

We’d just about finished up when her mom said, “show her your ‘sassy woman attitude’”. At that moment Felicia’s WOW popped, with a huge grin and a twinkle in her eye she whipped her hand to her hip, snapped her fingers and shook up some fun, sassy senior high school attitude!

I am honored and privileged to capture and share timeless moments. What is your WOW and how do you express it? Contact me today to set up your portrait session ~ we’ll capture your WOW!

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